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TeriLeigh Chakras Coach

Your Life

TeriLeigh ChakrasCoach
TeriLeigh ChakrasCoach

Chakra Alignment
Spiritual Mentorship
for Empaths & Sensitive Souls

🌀 Are you over-exhausted from over-thinking, over-worrying, over-feeling, over-doing, and over-sensing EVERYTHING?
  You want to be able to maintain an internal balance and calm inside yourself no matter what happens.

🌀 Have you been called "too sensitive" because of your reactions to situations, medications, and other people's emotions?
→  You want to manage your sensitivities without giving up the benefits of being an empathic sensitive soul.

🌀 Do you over-give to everyone else (always putting yourself last), but no one gives back to you in the same way?
→  You want to have healthy relationship boundaries AND be cared for and nurtured by those you love.

🌀 Are you drawn to all the woo-woo things, but the practices often let you down and don't fully change you at depth?
→  You want a way to connect to Source every day that is easy, fits into your life, and always works for you.

TeriLeigh ChakrasCoach
Whimsical and colorful rainbow glitter background perfect for celebrating the LGBTQIA comm

Your Life

What Happens When Your Chakras Are 
Balanced & Aligned

❤️  You feel physically safe, emotionally stable, and financially secure.
🧡  You learn to let go of things you cannot control, and find joy & play every day.
💛  You feel capable, confident, strong, worthy, energized, and enough. 
💚  You are able to receive love and care in the same way you give to others.
💙  You listen better, and communicate your truth with ease and grace.
💜  You listen to your intuition and trust your inner wisdom, all the time.
💖  You recognize the divine in all things, circumstances, and experiences of life.

Your Life



"TeriLeigh led me through a life changing journey to the true me. She made such a difference in my life in shifting the way I look at things." ~Susan


"Working with TeriLeigh pulls subconscious thoughts to the surface. I have learned that I LOVE MYSELF, and I am able to be fully consciously in contact with myself."



I have more clarity and ability to communicate
with myself and with others.  I also notice I'm trusting myself but also
vibrantly connected. It is neat to see the magic of this all working


 I needed 1:1 guidance and a teacher I can trust. TeriLeigh is that Teacher. I feel Heard. Our meetings have
sparked HOPE in my daily living, 


I feel like I am laughing more. I am sleeping better.  I also realize there is a need for people who think about things differently, like I do with my ADD. I also notice the signs when I am triggered. Being conscious allows me to use my ADD to my advantage. I do feel like I am more aware now.


I see my body differently now. I like how I look. I appreciate myself in the mirror. I didn't have the relationship with my body before. I do not take other people's reactions to me personally anymore. I am able to let things go and not be triggered.

TeriLeigh - Chakras Coach

I have helped over 2000 private clients and taught over 200,000 students.

Whimsical and colorful rainbow glitter background perfect for celebrating the LGBTQIA comm
Whimsical and colorful rainbow glitter background perfect for celebrating the LGBTQIA comm

Areas of Expertise
 Empaths, HSPs, & Introverts
Mindfulness & Meditation

Chakras, Yoga & Shamanism

Teaching & Education
Body Posture & Mechanics

Anatomy & Physiology

Spirituality & Psychology
Intuitive Development

Passions & Interests
Neuroscience & Brain Training
Linguistics & Etymology
Diet & Nutrition
Spirit & Totem Animals

Metaphysics & Symbolism

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Master Perspective Shifter

Joy-Bubble Inflater

Energy Stabilizer

Nervous System Soother

Mindfulness Ninja

Chakra Shaman  

You're Ready

Start Your Journey to a 

Balanced & Aligned Life

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