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Mindfulness Theme of the Month

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Engaging Stories

Easy-to-Follow Lessons

Practice Exercises



You're going through some MAJOR HARD STUFFS

(divorce, empty nest, career change, grief/loss, health challenge,

caring for an ailing loved one, moving home)

You don't have to do this alone.

Mindfulness is the way through.


Quality Mindfulness Courses 

to address common every-day life stressors.


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I have taught over 20,000 hours of classes

to over 200,000 students
and served over 2000 private clients.

Mindfulness Ninja

Perspective Shifter

Energy Stabilizer

Nervous System Soother

The best answers to our problems are the answers we figure out for ourselves.  The best helpers are those who guide you to find the answers inside yourself. I strive to be that kind of helper.

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Alma, FL

"Working with TeriLeigh pulls subconscious thoughts to the surface. I have learned that I LOVE MYSELF, and I am able to be fully consciously in contact with myself."


Katy, SD

I have more clarity and ability to communicate
with myself and with others.  I also notice I'm trusting myself but also
vibrantly connected. It is neat to see the magic of this all working

Diana, IL

I see my body differently now. I like how I look. I appreciate myself in the mirror. I didn't have the relationship with my body before. I do not take other people's reactions to me personally anymore. I am able to let things go and not be triggered.

Chris, WA

I am laughing more. I am sleeping better.  I also realize there is a need for people who think about things differently, like I do with my ADD. I also notice the signs when I am triggered. Being conscious allows me to use my ADD to my advantage. I do feel like I am more aware now.

Amber, MN

 I needed 1:1 guidance and a teacher I can trust.

TeriLeigh is that Teacher.

I feel Heard.

Our meetings have
sparked HOPE in my daily living, 

Whimsical and colorful rainbow glitter background perfect for celebrating the LGBTQIA comm

Why the 
"Law of Attraction"
Doesn't Always Work


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