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  • Dear Student,

    You are perfect.

    You are absolutely AMAZING! Inside your bones, tissues and nerves you hold a vast treasure of wisdom. With this wisdom, you can heal yourself from the inside out. You see, your body informs your brain about your world. And, your brilliant brain tells your body how to work in that world. If your brain and your body don’t pay attention to each other, bad things happen. Very bad things.

    Healing from the inside out is simple.

    When you get your MIND and your BODY to talk to each other,  your SPIRIT can shine, and your HEART can heal. Body-Mind-Spirit-Heart. Has anyone ever taught you how to get your brain and your body to talk to each other? My guess is that no one has ever shown you how to to pay attention to what your body is saying to your mind? 

    Let me teach you.

    As a writer, I share my own stories of stumbles and shuffles and bumbles in life. Cuz I’ve been there, in pain and struggles, just like you.  And, through trial and error, and lots and lots of practice, I learned to heal myself. My goal as your teacher, is to show you what you already know, to pull the wisdom out of your bones. And, to show you how to use that wisdom to have a better experience of life. Coaching with me offers you tips and tricks to train your brain to talk to your body. Then, you can change everyday moments of pain into POWER. 

    I hope that my stories show you the brilliance of life. 

    My wish is that my teaching brings out the “muchness” that lives in your bones.

    I dream that my coaching helps you pull the magic of yourself to share with the world.

    ~ TeriLeigh

    (Your New Favorite Teacher)



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