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  • Journey to the Marrow of Life

    I hope that my stories show you the brilliance of life and remind you that beauty surrounds you everywhere.

    I wish that my teaching brings out the “muchness” that lives in your bones and to guide you on the journey to the marrow of life.

    I dream that my words of wisdom makes you feel fully alive and help you dig into the experiences of your life and pull the magic out of them for you to share with the world.




    Stories penetrate your pores and activate the depth of your journey that lives inside the cellular memory of your tissues. Read the stories of my life and stories that inspire me, and let them guide you to the depth of being human. 



    Education is drawing the out wisdom from inside yourself. My goal as a speaker and teacher is to help you dig inside yourself and pull out the truths you already know so you can share them with the world.


    coachingWalking the journey of life is easier if someone to walks next to you, and remind you that the blocks in your path are part of the process. As a coach, I shine a flashlight on your path to remind you how to access the strength inside yourself.



    My online learning community is a fully immersive experience in sharing the power of story as a means of healing. Let the stories dig out the memories of your experiences to guide you on the journey to self-awareness.