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Chakra Alignment 101


How to Up-Level Your Life

in 3 Simple Steps

FREE Online Workshop

Saturday, April 30, 2022

9am-11am (central timezone)

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What Chakra Alignment Can Do For You

Root Chakra.png

Balance your hormones and regulate your nervous system so that you can soothe anxieties and over-sensitivities and feel balanced, peaceful, and calm.


sacral chakra.png

You will learn practical steps to shift your perspective and let go of limiting beliefs so that you can open to creative possibilities.


Core Chakra.png

Stop people pleasing, putting others before yourself, over-worrying, over-giving, and over-working so that you can improve your confidence & self-esteem, a
ccess your inner strength & confidence, and take the steps to create the life YOU want.

Heart Chakra.png


Break patterns of over-giving and over-doing so that you can attract and nurture healthy relationships where you feel secure, loved, supported, and valued.

Throat Chakra.png

Speak your mind so that you can feel heard, listen actively, stop hiding and express your true self.


Third Eye Chakra.png

Stop over-thinking and second-guessing so that you can access your intuition, trust yourself, and find the answers you have within yourself.

Crown Chakra.png

See what you haven't seen in your world before, so that you can tap into the collective wisdom of your ancestors and heal generational trauma of your lineage.

You Will Learn...

  • What the Chakras are and how they work so that you can understand and apply what you learn to your everyday life and feel real results in 30-seconds or less

  • 3 simple steps to Align Your Chakras in 30-seconds or less so that you can UP-LEVEL your whole life without a ton of time or expensive tools.

  • The FIRST, BEST and FASTEST  Way to INSTANT Internal Calm so that you can have a tactical in-the-moment chakra alignment skill to handle every kind of stress.

You Will NOT Learn...

  • A magic cure, quick fix, or miracle medicine to "fix what's wrong"
    (Transformation requires commitment and daily effort AND it's easier than you think.)


  • A practice that requires tush-to-the-cush or pretzel yoga positions
    (I have an obsession with explaining spiritual things in basic scientific terms)


  • Anything you don’t already know deep inside yourself
    (The solution is within you, and I'll help you find it.)

Up-Level Your Life!

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don't worry, if you can't make it, you'll get a link to watch the workshop replay

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