The Chakra System

Made Easy

My "Sight"

When I was ten years old, my dad came home from an intuitive development self-awareness workshop and told me that people have colors emanating off their bodies called auras.

I said, "yeah Dad, yours is blue."

And so started my adventure into the world of seeing and reading chakras and auras.

I see them like you see what someone is wearing. That said, I don't pay much attention most of the time. They change with every thought and mood, so paying attention is a world of attention deficit distraction.

Find Your JUST RIGHT Chakra Balance

Learn the state of each of your chakras (excessive, deficient, extreme) and how to exercise them to better balance.


Discover which of your chakras is your dominant "go-to" energy.


Work through your seven chakras in seven sessions to learn how to  exercise and calibrate your chakras into healthier function.