A Divorce Memoir

What you are about to read is my life's greatest wound.

And my greatest gift.

The Wound

Homeless and heartbroken after her husband violently leaves her to become a celibate monk, TeriLeigh embarks on an unplanned six-month road trip. Welcomed into  guest bedrooms and to dining tables across the country, TeriLeigh stitches her broken heart with the nurturing wisdom of a breast cancer survivor, a Vietnam veteran, a therapy dog, a transgender man, a dominatrix, and more.

Divorce Mentoring

Divorce is particularly cruel because we feel our own pain and the pain of our separated partner.


TL has "been-there-done-that" and can help you get through the muck, find the gifts in your wounds,
and remind you to stay true to yourself.


I offer you a hand to hold from the initial "do I stay or do I go" to the final signing and beyond.