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Re-Membering MySELF

When I was a kid, my family made lefse every year for Thanksgiving. It was one of the happiest traditions and memories of my childhood. And then I grew up and married a man who didn't care about lefse. Even though I had all the equipment and the desire, I let the tradition go. Along with many other things I loved that he didn't care about. I martyred myself for marriage. I gave up what was important to me because it wasn't important to him. For over a decade. I lost myself in that decade. Slowly, over time, my roots (my root chakra) atrophied. I forgot my roots. (I did this. He didn't do it to me. I chose to give up myself for him. It's on me.) And then he left me. But that's another story, that many of you already know. I spent another half a decade re-membering myself. And now, nearly ten years after my divorce, I'm realizing that it's the beautiful people in my life, those who know me and even those who don't know me, who hold a mirror up to me to show me who I am, at my roots. Last night, my Hobbit Husband and his Hobbit Sister made lefse with me. Two beautiful souls who didn't really care what lefse is, other than it was something important to me and my roots. We peeled, boiled, mashed, and riced ten pounds of potatoes, and made them into a dough and rolled and griddled 40 rounds of lefse. But more importantly, we laughed, and we smiled, and we danced in the kitchen. And I re-membered myself. (btw - I purposely spell "re-membered" with a dash to emphasize the process of re-attaching lost limbs) Sometimes you need other people remind you of your capital S - SELF. To hold up that mirror and celebrate you so that you can shine your light again, and more. I know what it's like to lose myself in a relationship. To forget my roots and sacrifice my values. And I know what it's like to find them again, to allow others to participate in healing rituals with me to help me re-member my Self. Have you lost your roots? Have you lost yourself in relationship and are struggling to find yourself again? As a Sacred Mentor and chakra expert, I can help you re-member your roots (root chakra) so that you can laugh, smile, and dance in the kitchen again. Click the link below to book a free 45-minute chakra assessment call with me to determine if we are a good sacred mentorship fit.


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