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Dear Heart Sister: It's Okay to Feel the FEELS

Dear Heart Sister:

I wanted to remind you that you are allowed to have your own feelings...all of them.

Even the not pretty ones.

Even the really really ugly ones.

Right now, as those around you are going through big stuff (and you are going through your own bigger stuffs), you are being the strong woman that you always are. And, there are times you want to break down. and that's okay. You will and can find those safe spaces to let go and let yourself feel.

It is okay to feel anger, rage, fear, confused, guilt, and even relief.

While it is not always appropriate to share those un-beautiful feelings with certain circles...there are lots of safe people who can hold them for you.

I'm one of them.

I'm holding you.

Quietly from afar.

And, there are more women out there like you, like me, who can hold.

In all of this chaos and challenge and struggle and strife coming at you from the outside world, your own inner sense of strength, confidence, grace, compassion, and most of all LOVE is growing exponentially.

It is these times of deep trauma where LOVE grows the biggest as our heart stretches to the point of tearing. those tears stitch up stronger and make our hearts bigger.

Know that I love you. all of you. even the not pretty parts. and there are lots of other women out there seeing, loving and holding you through this.


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