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Chakra Reading

A deeply life-affirming

and personally validating experience.

Does This Sound Like You?

  • healing from narcissistic abuse

  • going through menopause

  • processing a deep grief

  • living with an auto-immune condition

  • switching careers

  • wanting to go deeper into spirituality

  • suffering adrenal fatigue

  • recovering from a break-up or divorce

  • launching your own business

  • breaking free from past traumas

  • facing a scary medical diagnosis

  • climbing out of depression

  • experiencing a quarter-life crisis

  • desiring more depth in life


Chakra Awareness is the first step to

transforming your pain into power 

so that you can live at a new level of awesome.

Does over-thinking, monkey-mind, and brain chatter run you in circles of indecision, analysis paralysis, and second-guessing yourself?


❤️ YOU CAN achieve focus and clarity, and trust your decisions and your ability to handle whatever comes your way.

Does your over-sensitivity keep you stuck in anxiety, stop you from doing things you love, and hold you back from progress?


🧡 YOU CAN find peace and calm, because you are inherently passionate, productive, and powerful.

Do overwhelming feelings and moods you pick up from other people and toxic environments often leave you exhausted?


💛 YOU CAN consistently balance and center yourself, maintain healthy boundaries, and be of service to others.

chakras root to crown.png

Does over-giving and over-doing leave you exhausted, needy, and constantly fatigued, and still never feeling prepared?


💚 YOU CAN slow down, let go, and move forward with energy, confidence and a better sense of purpose. 

Does fear of rejection and never feeling enough make you feel disconnected from your truth and purpose?


💙 YOU CAN feel confident enough to trust yourself and express your full authenticity.

Are you working through a major life change (move, job change, empty nest, menopause, etc.) or healing from a significant trauma (grief, loss, or abuse), and you feel paralyzed by the stress?


💜 YOU CAN use the tools you have and be consistent with your self-care, move forward with grace, and come out feeling stronger than ever before.

Know Your Chakras 

so that you can understand the challenges and transitions of your life so that you can mindfully engage in a deep spiritual healing process.

Image by Peter Steiner 🇨🇭

I've been reading chakras since 1983...that's over 2000 readings

Part woo-woo witch 
Part science & language nerd

I blend the esoteric and mystical wisdom of the chakra energy system

with practical real-life explanations and understandings.

short hair headshot.jpg

I'm Teri Leigh.

Your Sacred Mentor. 

Image by Isaac Quesada

Here's What To Expect

  • TWO 2-Hour Sessions (total 4-hour process)

    • I will ask you a series of questions for each chakra to get you telling your stories of life and development.

    • As you describe your experiences, I will take detailed notes and describe for you the development, state, and tendencies of each of your seven chakras.

    • Because this process is so intense, we will work in two sessions of 2-hours each. Working the first 3-4 chakras in the first session, and the upper 3-4 chakras in the second session. Sessions are booked one-week apart.

  • Identify YOUR Chakras State & Function

    • Learn when and how each of your seven major chakras tends to fall in and out of balance.

    • Discover which chakras tend to be excessive (too much energy), deficient (too little energy), and extreme (pendulum swinging).

    • Understand how your chakras developed through both your childhood experiences and your genetic influences.

    • Learn how your chakras interact, influence and support each other.

    • Discover which chakra is your dominant go-to energy, and how that has served as a strength as well as a challenge in your life.

  • Action/Treatment Plan

    • At the end of the session I will offer a summarized treatment plan to calibrate and align your chakras. 

  • Detailed Notes

    • I will take detailed notes throughout the entire reading and email those notes to you at the end of each session.

    • Most of my clients reference these notes for years after the reading.

    • Clients have reported keeping these notes for as long as two decades.

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