6 Weeks

10-Second Exercises

10X a Day

1 Exercise per Week

"This book was written simply and goes over the information wonderfully. I have arthritis and following her methods of alignment have helped in just a week. I look forward to seeing how my body, mind, and spirit feel after continuing to follow this method."

~A. McCormick

Remember Your Muchness

In this ever-changing and chaotic world, it is easy to forget the precious gem that is inside you. People, circumstances, challenges, limitations, and frustrations are constantly trying to make you be something that you aren’t. 

MOZI Mentoring

Learn simple and practical exercises to help you:

Stand Your Ground

Go With the Flow

Access Your Strength

Relate to Others

Speak Your Mind


Teri Leigh’s engaging storytelling skills intermixed with simple instruction makes the journey through this book a relatable and enjoyable process to MOZI your way through life.