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Stop living in scarcity and finally feel

FINANCIAL FREEDOM in your Heart & Soul

*Guaranteed results by your 2nd lesson or you get your money back

Money Mindset


A Chakra & Spirituality Program

to Improve Your Relationship with Money.

TeriLeigh Chakras Coach
Image by Jason Leung

You have an unbalanced Money Mindset if...

❤️ You have constant worry about finances

🧡 You can never quite save enough

💛 You feel like money is the root of all evil

💚 You feel finances negatively impact your relationships

💙 You can't enjoy what money you have without worry

💜 You feel guilty when you spend money on yourself

Lesson 1:  The Universe Always Provides


In this MONEY MINDSET PROGRAM you will . . .

  • Learn simple chakra balancing life hacks to stop your worry, anxiety, guilt, and shame around money so that you can focus on what really matters.

  • Identify and break any childhood conditioning and generational financial habits & patterns that no longer serve you so that you can avoid past unconscious mistakes that keep you worrying about money.

  • Heal your relationship with Money so that you can feel worthy of wealth and receive the abundance you deserve.

  • Discover shamanic nature-element abundance rituals rooted in indigenous wisdoms that work (even if you don't believe in them), so that you can access abundance from the Mother Earth Source.

  • Fine-tune and clarify your law of attraction affirmations so that you avoid common manifestation mis-steps that keep you worrying about money.

  • Connect your Relationship to Money to your Relationship with Spirit so that you can feel financially free, no matter how much money you have.

Lesson 2:  Manifestation is a Mindset

Do you wish you could . . . ?

  • Always know you have enough

  • Fully trust in the abundance of the universe

  • Share your wealth with those you love

  • Feel ease around money

  • Have the financial freedom to do what you want

Ancient Coins

You have tried...

💲 Financial Advisors
💵 Budgeting
💰 Debt Consolidation

Money Management Courses

...and many other mundane and meticulous ways to keep track of what you earn, owe and spend.

🧘 Money Meditations
📿 Affirmations
🔮 Vision Boards

🍾 Abundance Workshops

...and many other law of attraction, manifestation, and other woo-woo practices to get your mind right about $$.

But you still don't feel in alignment with the abundance of the universe.

Lesson 3:  Abundance is Always in Flow


Here's Everything You Get

  • 6x One-Hour Mentoring Calls

✓ stay focused & accountable 

✓ feel seen and heard and fully supported

✓ highest quality education & instruction

✓ easy to complete homework assignments that fit into your busy life 

time between sessions to practice and master what you've learned 

  • Time Tested Proven Effective Money-Mindset Techniques & Tools

✓ 10-second chakra alignment exercises to address money anxiety and worries when they happen

✓ ancient shamanic abundance rituals passed down in indigenous tribes for generations 

✓ brain re-wiring exercises to reframe and change childhood conditioning about money

✓ ancestor patterning techniques to address generational habits & traumas about money

✓ journaling strategies & prompts to change your underlying beliefs about money  

✓ a unique approach to creating simple and effective affirmations that really work

  • Client Portal

✓ access to a secure & private password-protected client portal

✓ keep all your program materials in one easy-to-access place

✓ video-replays of all session calls

✓ digital library of all session lessons & materials

  • Digital Library & Additional Resources

✓ bibliography of my favorite money mindset books & videos

✓ links to audio abundance chants & guided meditations

✓ library of never-published blog posts detailing simple every-day manifestation rituals & practices

✓ digital library of all session lessons & materials

  • BONUS - Focused Breathing Online Course

You will learn the BEST breathing technique designed to regulate your nervous system and change your hormone chemistry so that you can calm your over-thinking brain chatter and quickly change your mood to peace, balance, and equanimity. ($50 value)

  • BONUS - Discount on Chakra Alignment Sacred Mentorship
    Receive a sizable discount on the Chakra Alignment Sacred Mentorship if you enroll within 30 days of completion of this Money Mindset Intensive.

Lesson 4:  Wealth is a Cycle of Worth


“I did the abundance ritual for the first time.

It. Was. Magic.
It was abundance.
It was so beautiful and poignant that it took my breath away. I walked out with such gratitude!”


"It's working, just exactly like what you told me. I was not sure I even believed in that whole thing, but things are happening. Small things, refunds I didn't know I would get. Opportunities to negotiate I didn't think I would have. Stuff appearing when I needed it."


"Let me tell you how much I've come to love the abundance ritual practice. I think even just going to the river to be with her has been so helpful to me. I bring my bison drum with me and play and sing and there's no one around. It's absolute magic!! And, I do believe it's been working."

Lesson 5:  Gratitude is an INSIDE Attitude


This Program is for you if. . .

  • You feel stuck in unhealthy habits of over-thinking, over-doing, over-spending and/or over-saving that's trapped you in a lifestyle of constantly worrying about money.

  • You have a collection of law of attraction and money mindset books that inspire and motivate you, but haven't really helped you reach lasting change, AND, you're ready to do the deep work of a disciplined practice to achieve real results.

  • You know how to budget, money manage, save, and plan for your financial future, AND you want to break the a cycle of worry, anxiety, shame, and/or guilt you may have attached to these tasks.

  • You appreciate the "woo-woo" aspects of shamanism, spirituality, moon cycles, talk about energy and vibration. . . because I have an obsession with explaining spiritual things in common sense practical terms.

  • AND...You appreciate a grounded, practical, realistic, balanced,
    no-BS, common-sense step-by-step approach that is a balance of practical and spiritual efforts.

This Program is NOT for you if. . .

  • You want a "get rich quick" or a law of attraction magic pill to solve all your money woes instantly. There is no quick fix. This program teaches a steadfast process of improving your relationship with money through spirit over time.

  • You aren’t willing to step outside your comfort zone and try some innovative and unconventional techniques in order to evolve and grow. We won't be doing the usual vision boards and gratitude journals. The lessons and homework in this program are different. You will be asked to be both open-minded and disciplined.

  • You aren't willing to invest the fee of the program into your personal growth and process. When you commit to the risk, you affirm your willingness to have faith and trust the abundance is available.

  • You are on the brink of bankruptcy, foreclosure, or eviction. These are deep seated root-chakra issues that require much more than this program can offer. This program is designed to work from the inside out, changing your mindset and beliefs first, and then evolving your relationship with money. It will not solve your long-term financial problems.

Lesson 6:  Consistency is Key

How long is the program? How many weeks? Months?

Private clients get to set your own timeline based on how you learn best. You get 6-sessions, which must be completed in 6-months. You may choose to meet once a week, every-other week, or once a month. Private clients retain access to the online portal indefinitely. Once a year, I run this program as a group-offering that will meet once a week for 6-weeks. Group program clients retain access to the client portal for 6-months.

Will there be homework?

I prescribe 3 types of homework: 1 - 30-second MOZI Method Exercises - these are the most important practices that do the deep layer work to cause the fundamental change. I suggest you link these exercises to already established daily habits (like washing your hands) and you practice them several times a day. 2 - Shaman Ritual - these are deeper ancestral and natural element healing practices that can take anywhere from 15 minutes to a few hours to perform, depending on your own level of engagement. I will only prescribe one of these per session, to be completed just once before you next session. 3 - Audio recorded brain training exercises. These are guided imagination practices that link your visual/sensory imagination and memory to some physical action and the work on the neurological level to change your brain and body chemistry. *Journal prompts and other assignments offered in the digital library and 100% optional.

What if I get into the program and I don't like it, how does the Money Back Guarantee Work?

I understand that sometimes you can get into a process and realize it just isn't what you wanted. While I try to be very clear about my offerings and your potential benefits, if something isn't right, I'd rather walk away early than force us both to struggle through the full program, or charge you for something you aren't liking. Most coaches require payment in full whether you complete the program or not, and claim that is an incentive to keep their clients accountable. However, I have had this happen to me where I've worked with a coach and after a few sessions I realize it is really not a good fit, but I'm stuck. This led to a not-nice experience for both me and the coach. I cannot do this to my clients. And, after your first session, (at the beginning of session 2) we will review our process together to make sure we are both still feeling it is a right fit. If not, we terminate the program and you get your money back in full. I do require this review session as an exit interview should you decide to end your program. If you merely text or email me before session two to terminate your program, I will keep any money you have paid and cancel all future payments. This exit interview to provide me feedback on what isn't working and help myself improve the programming is a small ask for the hours of free service I will have provided you at that point. **The money back guarantee is only available for private clients.

What if I need a payment plan? How does that work?

For private clients, during your onboarding session we will talk about how financial investment is symbolic of your investment in your self and your growth. At that time we will work together to determine a comfortable (and somewhat stretchy) monthly investment option for you...and calculate how many months to schedule auto-pay to cover the full cost of your program. Some clients prefer to pay-in-full all at once. Others need to set a reasonable installment plan. I have some clients pay me over the course of 3 years. I have other clients commit to a payment plan of 1 or more years and then they end up paying it off entirely before the end of their program. I require that your payments be kept on auto-pay so that neither of us have to worry about collections. Quite often clients on a payment schedule find themselves doing so well that their abundance mindset shifts and they contact me to pay off their program early. ----- The group program has a pay-in-full or a set monthly payment plan option.


Yes, Please

I am currently accepting a limited number of beta-test clients for this private short-term program.

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