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so that you can live in

A New State of Awesome


Sacred Mentorship

with TeriLeigh 

Up-Level Your Life

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❤️ Are you an Empath?


You serve your greater community holding space, loving, supporting, and nurturing others...

because you feel ALL the feels,  and you aren't okay until everyone else is okay


leaving you completely EXHAUSTED with no energy left for yourself.

But . . .who holds & supports YOU?

You want to feel heard, supported, encouraged, affirmed, and validated

by someone who gets  you, in ways you haven’t felt before. 


Sacred Mentorship is Unconditional Support

Image by Dorota Dylka

🧡 What if you could have Peace and Calm right now?


You don't have the time for a 30-minute yoga or meditation practice

to deal with your anxiety, over-thinking, irrational anger, & unnecessary worry.


You've put off your own sense of PEACE because you're too busy helping others to soothe their nervous systems, balance their hormones, and improve their moods.


You want simple & doable 30-second mindfulness exercises you can several times a day
because tiny habits attached to daily routines create lasting results.


Sacred Mentorship is Brain Training

Image by Aaron Burden

💛 Are you going through a Major Life Change?


You've spent your whole life taking care of others, and NOW is your turn.
It's time to put yourself first for a change.

You know in your heart that this next stage of life is an opportunity

for a Shift in Perspective ~ and perspective is EVERYTHING!


You wish someone could help you see what you cannot see

so that you can break the ceiling of your self-limiting beliefs.


Sacred Mentorship is Spiritual Growth

Image by Marek Piwnicki

 💚 What if you could Change Your Vibration for Good?


You know (and have tried) all the tricks, tools, and techniques:

affirmations, mantras, journaling, meditations, yoga, vision boards, etc.

but nothing has really worked in the long-term.

You need a simple step-by-step protocol, and a practical process

that fits into the busy-ness of your every day life AND keeps you accountable

so that you can finally make the lasting change.


Sacred Mentorship is Sustainable Practice 

Image by Dewang Gupta

 💙 Are You Chakra Curious?


You want to know how your chakras developed, what makes them fall out of balance,

how your chakra strengths have served you in your life,

and ultimately learn how to balance and align your chakras


so that you can relate to your inner child,

identify and heal generational trauma,

and change your experience with lifelong challenges and problems.


Sacred Mentorship is Chakra Alignment 

Image by Anthony Ievlev

 💜 What if you could Fully Heal at Your Core?




Tap into the Collective Wisdom of your Ancestors

Work in Alignment with Mother Earth 

and in Partnership with Spirit

to co-create the life you want.


Sacred Mentorship is Shamanic Healing

Image by Lucas Ludwig


A New State of Awesome


Are you ready to UP-LEVEL? 

"TeriLeigh led me through a life changing journey to the true me. She made such a difference in my life in shifting the way I look at things." ~Susan


Areas of Expertise
 Anatomy & Physiology
Body Posture & Mechanics
Mindfulness & Meditation
Intuitive Development

Passions & Interests
Neuroscience & Brain Training
Linguistics & Etymology
Diet & Nutrition
Spirit & Totem Animals

I'm TeriLeigh

short hair headshot.jpg

Your Sacred Mentor

I'm an Empath

 Here are just a few of the things

people have called me...

Master Perspective Shifter

Re-Inflater of Popped Joy-Bubbles

Energy Stabilizer

Nervous System Soother

Mindfulness Ninja

Chakra Shaman  

Joan Perry_edited.jpg

"TeriLeigh is very nonjudgmental and right to the point at the same time. Her advice has been practical, magical, and spot on. She can teach you to listen and trust yourself and weed out the crap that doesn’t matter." ~Joan

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