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It is amazing what we have come to find beyond the earth in this vast Universe_edited_edit

Happier, healthier, stronger, empowered

The Chakra Balancing System to align you to a life you love

This Chakra Immersion can put your “over-syndromes” behind you! (Over-Thinking, Over-Doing, Over-Worrying, Over-Giving, and all the other overs be-gone!) 

From fulfilling relationships to navigating traumatic experiences (even ones in your past), there are revolutionary shamanic practices that can restore your spirit, energy, vitality, and joy.


To really care for everyone in your life, you must care for yourself first. You can’t give from an empty glass!

January 2023 - September 2023

2,000+ private clients, 200,000+ lifetime students

It is amazing what we have come to find beyond the earth in this vast Universe_edited_edit

Have you become a shadow of your old self?

There is a deep, neurological and spiritual wiring inside all of us. A wiring that dictates whether we are filled with joy and color. . .
or surrounded by darkness.

It’s surprisingly easy to get caught in a dark web of sticky habits which bring us down. Sticky thought patterns can make you feel restricted, bored, and even irritated. Or lonely, even when you’re surrounded by family and friends. Major life changes in your own life (or a close loved one’s) can cause unhealthy amounts of stress. And just like that you slip from the bright, giving YOU into a shadow you, caught in a never-ending downward spiral battling over-syndromes and a dull, spiritless, and anxious life.

What’s especially dangerous is that it’s sometimes hard to identify that you're stuck in a sticky pattern!

But your body naturally

wants to find balance.

Navigating traumatic experiences, escaping the dark web of unhealthy patterns, and creating a life with 10x more color and light can happen (easily) with what I’m about to show you! (And the answer is found within yourself.)

On this side of the door is everything above… sticky patterns, cycles of counter-productive self-talk. But on the other side is abundance and healing. The other side of change is spiritual growth, transformation, and a rainbow-you that's sharing their color with the world.

Not to mention a life you truly desire!

A strong and balanced human, capable of giving generously to others. Embracing your creativity and in a position of power to help (and serve) yourself and others on this planet.

Totally in control of your health, your world, and all of your relationships flourishing because of your exceptional light.

And it’s all possible by tapping into the magical and mystical wisdom inside you.

Ready to go on a life changing journey that leads to the color-filled you?

Potential side effect: You may find a deeper calling too – and start a new chapter in your life where your “over-syndromes” are completely under your control (even if right now you’re over-exhausted and running dry on time).

I'm a bit of a neuroscience geek. I invented The MOZI Method of body-mind-spirit integration based on over a decade of study of anatomy, physiology, chakra energetics, yoga, meditation, shamanism, and brain research. 

Your Mentor

short hair headshot.jpg

I've been reading chakras since 1985. You’re going to get so much from me – including  little-known “chakra secrets” to heal from trauma and put your life into fun mode! You’ll find a unique blend of science and spirituality inside this program.

Rebalance your chakras and give yourself permission to be yourself

This might not be your first rodeo trying to unwind the negative, unhealthy habits that disrupt your peace. You are a spiritually minded or Chakra-curious creature… with a passion for holistic healing methods. So trying a variety of healing practices is natural!

Therapy, yoga, meditation, Reiki, counseling, intuitive reading, acupuncture… and other new age philosophies / traditional healing methods might make you feel good. Sometimes they work for a short time… but do they produce the lasting effects that you crave?

Lasting change comes from within.

Specifically, from your Chakras.

Tell me more about The Chakras…

Your Chakras are the energetic and neurological wiring system of all of your life experiences, cumulative memories, and collective histories of all of your ancestors.

By balancing your Chakras (and through carefully-crafted affirmations, fine-tuned body posture, and hormone balancing breathing), you can cast the shadow version of yourself away and embrace life for what it is: An amazingly awesome human experience!

This isn’t quite therapy – by balancing your Chakras using a scientific approach, you’re going to walk away with insights that might surprise you! Sometimes you walk away knowing how to refill your life with positive energy (and refill your joy bubbles), and other times you find the strength to carry yourself (and family) through dark times.

Learn the state, function, and imbalances of your chakra system, and work systematically to calibrate, exercise, and re-tune your chakras so that you can walk through challenges as a stronger, happier, and healthier version of yourself!

9-Month Chakra Immersion

  • New “Chakra Regulating” MOZI Method has helped sensitive souls like you heal lifelong trauma – without eye-balling therapy sessions, sleepy meditations, or short-term Reiki.

  • The scientific steps to achieving a healthy chakra – and exactly what you must do to escape unhealthy habits and a sticky downward spiral.

  • Uncover the universe’s dirty little secret to finding your deeper purpose (using Spirit as your guide) and watch as your life blooms with delight.

  • Dive into the 7-step formula to connecting with your inner self (which include rewiring your brain using neuroscience to achieve self-growth and self-love).

What You Will Learn

It is amazing what we have come to find beyond the earth in this vast Universe_edited_edit

Here's everything you get in this
9-Month Sacred Group Chakra Immersion

pam sue.jpg

"I’m so grateful to have Teri Leigh as a mentor in my life. Her unique, detailed and powerful approach does more for me more in one hour than I get from months of traditional therapy."  ~Pam

It is amazing what we have come to find beyond the earth in this vast Universe_edited_edit

Here's what my clients have

to say about their chakra experiences

"I want to give everyone I know the gift of mentorship  with Teri Leigh. I’m going through some major life changes in the form of medical issues and was really struggling to wrap my brain around everything in a productive forward thinking way. The transformative re-frame TeriLeigh showed me has been monumental. It’s only been a couple days but the relief I feel after receiving her help sorting out all my feelings and experiences has been life changing." ~Pam

"I have been doing great since our last session. I have been traveling since mid September, and am currently at my daughter’s house. I credit you to me being able to be more of an advisor to her on this trip, rather than her mom! I greatly appreciate you. I will probably reach out to you at the beginning of the year to decompress from all my activity over the last several months." ~Monica

"This is beyond therapy, beyond counseling. This is spiritual, giving me insight about myself. I need that, someone to listen to me and reflect myself back to me." ~Marie

When I was seeing a therapist, I always left in a ball of tears. TeriLeigh isn't a therapist, and I walk away feeling clarity and  knowing what I need to do next." ~Heather

"I have found ways to ground and maintain joy during difficult times. My husband and I now have a practice of hugging for a complete 10 seconds (or more). We listen to uplifting positive music, and we are not living in fear but in joy despite all the stuff going on in our world." ~Lindee

"What you notice about TeriLeigh right off the bat is that she is very comfortable in her own skin, so she makes you comfortable in your skin. She brought the comfortable skin to my house. Both my daughter and I have relished the readings and sessions and time spent with TeriLeigh. She is very nonjudgmental and right to the point at the same time. Her advice has been practical, magical, and spot on. I trust what she is telling me to be kind and thoughtful and I know that she cares deeply. She can teach you to listen and trust yourself and weed out the crap that doesn’t matter." ~Joan

"Healing is a journey, and nature helps. TeriLeigh helped coach me through some of my divorce and taught me that water always soothes those aches and invigorates me.  I am happier, healthier, stronger, more empowered - and still growing and healing- learning that healing isn’t linear." ~Amanda

"The MOZI Method Exercise TeriLeigh taught me magically balanced me enough so thagt I could handle my stress without my stress managing me. These practices are life-changing and more powerful than I could ever have imagined." ~Angela

"TeriLeigh helped me to get out of a toxic work environment.  I am on a physical and spiritual overhaul with my finances. I have a better ability to keep my cool and teach my children. I have removed toxic relationships from my life and am working on repairing important ones. I am still off my medication, and I am now head first into starting my business. Don’t get me wrong, it's not magic and I still have to use the skills I learned EVERYDAY. But I have the power back, and looking forward to having Teri help me with my business endeavors. Thank you Teri for always being there, and helping myself and others take back what is theirs." ~Aleshia

"TeriLeigh helped me navigate a traumatic experience .
My life has been made whole again." ~Shannon


"Mindfulness practice has helped me

make several other positive life changes without trying." ~Rose

"I am learning to make myself a priority." ~Heather

Diane Naas.png

"TeriLeigh taught me how to pay attention to what my body is telling me. My body won't lie, but my mind will. Through the focused breathing, I can manage my breath and manage my pulse and listen to my body talk to me." ~Diane

This Program is

NOT for you if. . .

  • If you're looking outside yourself for a way to "fix what's wrong" with a magic cure, quick fix, or miracle medicine.
    (The solution is within you and I'll help you find it.)


  • If your mind is flooding with excuses about time and money and energy, or you want to wait (and wait and wait) for things to maybe, eventually change on their own.
    (Transformation requires commitment and daily effort - but it’s super easy with the right approach.)


  • If you aren’t willing to step outside your comfort zone and try some innovative and unconventional techniques in order to evolve and grow.
    (Yes, it can be scary, but it can also be fun and easy.)

  • If you get weirded out by spirituality, meditation, moon cycles, talk about energy and vibration, or anything else “woo woo”.
    (I have an obsession with explaining spiritual things in common sense scientific terms)

This Program is

PERFECT for YOU if. . .

  • You feel stuck in unhealthy habits of over-thinking, over-doing, and over-giving that's trapping you in a lifestyle that puts everyone else's needs before your own. But you're ready to really take care of yourself.

  • You are spiritually minded and chakra curious. You’re ready to open the magical and mystical wisdom inside yourself (so that you can better help and serve the world around you).

  • You've tried many different holistic modalities (yoga, meditation, reiki, intuitive readings, acupuncture, etc.) and they all feel good for a short time… but they never produce the lasting effects you crave.

  • … AND you would appreciate a grounded, practical, realistic, balanced, no-BS, common-sense step-by-step approach that is a yin/yang balance of spirit and science.

Whimsical and colorful rainbow glitter background perfect for celebrating the LGBTQIA comm

Ready to enjoy fulfilling, fun, and enlightening days?

  • Rejuvenate generational trauma of your lineage (or adapt if you're battling trauma right now).

  • Achieve lasting relationships! (The key is found in science-backed “magic”, where you can find love again using neuroscience and Spirit!).

  • Tap into the secrets of the nervous system – and learn to calm your nerves/emotions at any stage of life.

Create forward momentum that will propel you into a brighter future (and a new you).

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