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Teri Leigh The Gifts Inside The Wound

The Gift Inside the Wound

Trauma & Tragedy
are gateway portals to
Transformation & Growth
The wound is the place where your light shines out.
Teri Leigh The Gifts Inside The Wound

Life's wounds come in all forms of tragedy & trauma.

Death, illness, divorce, job-loss, home move, bankruptcy, abuse. . .

The best healing happens when we find the gifts inside our wounds.

Let Your LIGHT Shine Out
From the Cracks of Your Wounds

Whether you're going through a divorce, suffering grief or loss, or experiencing a major life change or transition that is not entirely in your control, this series, based on my memoir of the same title, helps you find the precious gifts inside the worst pains. Many traumas and tragedies of life are out of our control. But we can control our responses and behaviors, and transform our pains into strengths.

"Mentoring with TeriLeigh through my divorce helped me ground myself back to earth after my world had been completely uprooted." ~Sara
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