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The Hobbit & Owl Animated

The Hobbit & Owl

Staying in Love
5 Mindful Love Practices
Love is easy when you are mindful.
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 After enduring the pain of failed marriages, Neil (the Hobbit) and TeriLeigh (the Owl) came together in "love the second time around." We created 5 Mindful Love Practices to ensure we don't make the same mistakes or fall into the same traps we did in our first marriages. 

Teri Leigh Alexander Kriech
Hobbit Male

I am blessed with a simple mind and active imagination. Getting a rickety thing off the ground is more my superpower than creating the perfect rocket ship. I am a workaday automaton whose programming is more R2D2 than C3P0. On my own time I am a writer, researcher, composter, and tinkerer. I emerged from a loveless and broken marriage with an overwhelming sense of gratitude. My life with Owleigh is more mindful than my prior relationship. Our world is simpler; my mind is clearer, and

I have a greater sense of self and purpose.

I am a strong, confident, independent, sensuous, articulate, curious, quirky, intelligent, sensitive, intuitive, self-aware creature all wrapped up in an x-small package. I believe in writing in ink, crossing out, and making a mess because the mess is the fun. After ten years of putting his needs before my own, my first husband left me to live as a celibate monk. A few years later, I started over with a fresh clean sheet of paper with Hobbit. This time around, we have committed to love in a different way. We are more mindful, more conscious and careful with each other and our relationship.

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Our Five Love Practices
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Be Mindful in Love

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Teri & Alex Tree
Nurture Your LOVE 
be seen, feel heard & know love
deepen your connection, communication & compassion
Because All That Really Matters is LOVE
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