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Yoga Wonderland

Adventures in Home Practice
A magical place where you access

Establish a Sustainable & Inspired Home Practice

5 breaths • 5 poses  • 5 minutes •  5 days a week

You Tumbled Down the Yoga Rabbit Hole

but yoga classes are crowded

online classes are impersonal

studio prices are expensive

and it's all time-consuming

Yoga Wonderland Online

A Vast Library of Home Practice Resources


Yoga Wonderland Alice Tree

14  modules step-by-step guide to staring and building your self-guided home practice.

Interactive Book

Alice Chair Tea

Yoga teachings in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.  Includes ebook, audiobook & video book.


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Practice Workbook

Alice Yoga Blonde

Downloadable  handouts, cheat sheets, journal templates, and questions for reflection.

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65 Pose Asana Guide

Alice Posing Blonde Blue

Positive affirmations, spiritual benefits, and  2-min audio readings to play while practice each pose.


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5-Minute Sequences

Alice Dancer Blue

Mini-sequences inspired by the characters in Alice's adventures. Cheat sheets and affirmations included.

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Off the Mat Exercises

Alice Meditate

Take your practice off your mat into your everyday life with these simple MOZI Method body-mind-spirit exercises you can do anywhere, anytime.

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White Rabbit Whispers

White Rabbit Animated Green Jacket Clock

13 entertaining and educational practice videos designed for the absolute beginner.

AKA Ninja Warrior Training. AKA Yoga for Husbands.


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Practice Podcasts

Mad Hatter Tea SMiledited.png

325+ Live-Recording Yoga Practice Podcasts as taught by the author Over 400 hours of audio guided practice, and guided meditations.


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Countless Adventures

Red Queen Woman Animated

Commit to Yoga Wonderland and you will save time and money while bringing your yoga practice to levels you cannot reach in a class.


Cheshire Cat Orange Animated


Alice Red Queen Yoga  Wonderland Mindfulness

Don't Let the Red Queen Chop Off Your Head 


Yoga Wonderland


TeriLeigh - Your Wonderland Guide

Teri Leigh Yoga Fold Spirtual

Teri Leigh fell down the yoga rabbit hole in 1999 and has maintained a home yoga practice for over 20 years. From 2009-2018 she traveled across the USA teaching over 200,000 students, and training over 200 yoga teachers. Teri Leigh’s writing teaching offers a unique and playful approach to turn in on yourself (like a telescope) and adventure through the wonderland you cannot find in any yoga class, podcast, or streamed practice.

White Rabbit Clock Red Vest
Mad Hatter Purple Coat Teapot

Sprinkled with lots of pixie dust.

I particularly like the supportive self-talk suggestions to accompany sequences of poses.
~ Dorothy

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caterpillar mustache glasses


Yoga Wonderland Book Cover
  • Discover your body's unique language and how it sings when it's happy.

  • Learn the deeper symbolism and life lessons in the stories of your practice.

  • Explore the beautiful colors of your intuition and imagination.

  • Enjoy the priceless magic of not paying for yoga classes.

  • Relish the timelessness of practicing yoga on your own terms

  • Access the deeper wisdoms that live in your bone marrow, DNA, and cellular memory.

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