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Does This Sound Like You?

 ❤️ You are AN EMPATH
You over-think, over-feel, over-worry, over-give, and over-do EVERYTHING. This leads to a life of being over-sensitive and over-whelmed.

You are sensitive to western medicine and  prefer a holistic health & wellness approach.  You have done an immense amount of health and personal growth work to address your sensitivities. And, you know that SPIRIT plays a key role in overall wellness, so you are drawn to new age practices (astrology, oracle cards, energy healing, etc.) because you find meaning and symbolism in EVERYTHING.

💛 You are A CARE-GIVER
You have a wide community who depends on you. You like to be useful, and you want to help others. When others are not okay, you aren't okay, so you strive to make the world a better place for everyone. And, this dedication is exhausting and leaves you without the support you need from others.

You Crave & Desire

💚 Internal Balance & Calm
You know that you cannot control the outside world and all the stimuli that causes your over-syndromes. AND, you crave internal balance and calm so that you can stay centered no matter what comes your way.


💙 Daily Spiritual Connection
You ALWAYS feel better and more balanced when you spend time in nature and take time to connect to your Spirit. You want to be disciplined and consistent with a spiritual practice that you can do every day so that you never lose sight of your source and soul, and you can address your over-syndromes when they happen.


💜 To Help and To Serve
You were put on this planet to serve others. You get your greatest joys from seeing others shine their bright light because you encouraged, empowered, and embraced them to do so. You want to feel good and strong and balanced in yourself so that you can give abundantly and generously to others.

The Chakras

The energetic and neurological wiring system

of all of your life experiences, cumulative memories,

and the collective histories of all of your ancestors.


Understand how


based on 

Childhood Development

Parental Influence

Environmental Conditions

Behavior Habits

Self-Talk Patterns

Ancestral Traumas

Genetic Gifts 

Learn how to 

with simple 30-second exercises


Mindful Affirmations


Body Posture & Movement

Hormone Balancing
Focused Breathing

I'm TeriLeigh

Chakra Expert 

Spirital Mentor


Areas of Expertise
 Empaths, HSPs, & Introverts
Mindfulness & Meditation

Chakras, Yoga & Shamanism

Teaching & Education
Body Posture & Mechanics

Anatomy & Physiology

Spirituality & Psychology
Intuitive Development

Passions & Interests
Neuroscience & Brain Training
Linguistics & Etymology
Diet & Nutrition
Spirit & Totem Animals

Metaphysics & Symbolism

short hair headshot.jpg

Master Perspective Shifter

Joy-Bubble Inflater

Energy Stabilizer

Nervous System Soother

Mindfulness Ninja

Chakra Shaman  

Rooted in Neuroscience

Grounded in Education

Based in Spiritual Wisdom

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Gain access to my full archive of free masterclasses, early access to special events, and member discounts. 

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Learn the state, function, and imbalances of your chakra system, and work systematically to calibrate, exercise and re-tune your chakras so that you can live a better life. 

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This 9-Month Community Focused Program will  “over-syndromes” behind you! (Over-Thinking, Over-Doing, Over-Worrying, Over-Giving, and all the other overs be-gone!)


"TeriLeigh led me through a life changing journey to the true me. She made such a difference in my life in shifting the way I look at things." ~Susan


Happiness is an INSIDE Job!

Come steal my chakra healing techniques
uncover the “inside cure” for feeling like your world is bleak and dull. Schedule a free chakra reading so that your life can burst with color!

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