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Sukha's Way

Healthy Relationship with FOOD
Everything I know about MINDFUL EATING
I learned from my dog.

Eating is Emotional.

Mealtimes are best with good company.

Food tastes better when we SLOW DOWN.

Revolutionize Your Relationship with Food

When she was a puppy, I thought my dog Sukha was a picky eater. But when I paid attention, I realized she is picky about HOW she eats, not so much what she eats. She won't eat when she's stressed. She prefers not to eat alone. She eats slowly. She drinks water with every meal. And she burps loudly. When I applied Sukha's rules to my own mealtimes, I noticed lots of things change for the better in my life. And not just about my diet.


Your body's ability to digest and process food has as much or more to do with your hormones, mood, emotions and relationship with food as it does your diet and exercise habits. Learn simple mindfulness practices, based on Sukha's Way, to revolutionize your relationship with food to reset your hormonal balance to better digest and process nourishment. 

"I learned that I am in control of my body chemistry,
and it has so much more to do with HOW I eat than *what* I eat." ~Becky
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