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A Practical Guide to the CHAKRAS
The simplest and most comprehensive
Chakra Program

Balance Your Chakras to Align your Energy JUST RIGHT 
in your Body, Mind, and Spirit.

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Like Goldilocks, we are all searching for that





goldilocks young woman blonde meditating

This 8-part easy-to-follow program features over 10 hours of Chakra Wisdom you can learn at your own pace.

Click any module below to see the curriculum for that module or enroll in just that module.

Each module includes simple-to-learn information

and easy-to apply practices & exercises.

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Chakra Basics

Learn the basics for each chakra: definition, purpose, location, element, & development.

Vector Art Neruon


Case studies & identifying symptoms of excessive, deficient, and extreme chakra imbalances.

Vector Art Brain Knowledge


Balance your chakras with 
BODY Actions
MIND Affirmations
 SPIRIT Breath
and guided meditations

Vector Art Homework Paperwork

Balance Practice

Practical and sustainable homework exercises to calibrate and balance your chakras in your every day life.

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Your Chakra Experts

Teri Leigh
Teri Leigh Headshot

TeriLeigh is a chakra expert, writer, teacher and coach who has traveled the country teaching. She has taught over 200,000 students, worked with over 2000 clients, and presented the chakras to yoga teacher training programs and energy healing centers in over 20 states. 

Alexander Kriech
Alexander Kriech Headshot

Alexander Kriech is an intuitive, medium, astrologer/numerologist, and energy healer. Whether it’s decoding messages in the stars and planets, channeling spirit guides, or facilitating a relaxing Reiki session, Alexander helps you get clarity, insight, and healing with his no-B.S. approach and practical, grounded energy. 

"I am much calmer

and not in need of

controlling my world so much.”


"I see Chakras!

I had no idea what they were 6 months ago."


"This was one of the best spiritual, physical, mind, body experiences I have ever had.”


"This Chakra Program brought all the colors back into my life, only now they are even better!"


Image by Steve Johnson
Goldilocks principle front book cover

8 Course Bundle
+Bonus Final Review

or 3 payments of $125.00

goldilocks young woman blonde meditating
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