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Chakra Reading

A deeply life affirming
and personally validating experience.

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Does anxiety have you over-worrying

about everything?

❤️ Balance your Root Chakra ❤️


even in times of uncertainty.

Know You Are Always Okay

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sacral chakra.png

 Does guilt have you over-whelmed

with managing other people's toxic issues?

🧡 Balance your Sacral Chakra 🧡

so you can maintain HEALTHY BOUNDARIES,

let go of what's not yours,

and feel PEACE even in times of chaos. 

Feel Internal Peace & Calm

Image by Maxim Tajer
Core Chakra.png

Does feeling unworthy and not enough

have you over-compensating & over-doing

to the point of exhaustion?

💛 Balance your Core Chakra 

so you can feel CONFIDENT and STRONG

no matter what challenges life throws at you.

Be Confidently Yourself

Image by Sonny Mauricio
Heart Chakra.png

  Does loneliness & lack of connection

have you over-giving to the point that you have nothing left for yourself?

💚 Balance your Heart Chakra 💚

so you can really feel LOVED


Open Your Heart

Image by Scott Webb
Throat Chakra.png

  Does misunderstanding & poor communication

have you over-explaining or silencing yourself

and keeping your light dim?

   💙 Balance your Throat Chakra  💙

so you can really feel HEARD & UNDERSTOOD


Speak Your Authentic Truth

Image by Nahil Naseer
Third Eye Chakra.png

  Does feeling everyone else's feelings

trigger your over-sensitivities that you isolate yourself from the outside world?

    💜 Balance your Third Eye Chakra 💜


no matter what outside influences you encounter.

Listen To Your Intuition

(and it keeps getting better!)

Image by Andy Holmes
Crown Chakra.png

  Does monkey mind

have you over-thinking and over-analyzing your every decision and action?

      💗 Balance your Crown Chakra 💗

so you can KNOW what's right for you

without second-guessing yourself.

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I've been reading chakras since 1983...that's over 2000 readings

Part woo-woo witch 
Part science & language nerd

I blend the esoteric and mystical wisdom of the chakra energy system

with practical real-life explanations and understandings.

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I'm Teri Leigh.

Your Sacred Mentor. 

Chakra Awareness is the first step to

transforming your pain into power 

so that you can live at a new level of awesome.

Whimsical and colorful rainbow glitter background perfect for celebrating the LGBTQIA comm

Here's What To Expect

  • TWO 2-Hour Sessions (total 4-hour process)

    • I will ask you a series of questions for each chakra to get you telling your stories of life and development.

    • As you describe your experiences, I will take detailed notes and describe for you the development, state, and tendencies of each of your seven chakras.

    • Because this process is so intense, we will work in two sessions of 2-hours each. Working the first 3-4 chakras in the first session, and the upper 3-4 chakras in the second session. Sessions are booked one-week apart.

  • Identify YOUR Chakras State & Function

    • Learn when and how each of your seven major chakras tends to fall in and out of balance.

    • Discover which chakras tend to be excessive (too much energy), deficient (too little energy), and extreme (pendulum swinging).

    • Understand how your chakras developed through both your childhood experiences and your genetic influences.

    • Learn how your chakras interact, influence and support each other.

    • Discover which chakra is your dominant go-to energy, and how that has served as a strength as well as a challenge in your life.

  • Action/Treatment Plan

    • At the end of the session I will offer a summarized treatment plan to calibrate and align your chakras. 

  • Detailed Notes

    • I will take detailed notes throughout the entire reading and email those notes to you at the end of each session.

    • Most of my clients reference these notes for years after the reading.

    • Clients have reported keeping these notes for as long as two decades.