30 Days of Muchness

A Mindfulness







We are what we repeatedly do. 

Excellence, then, is not an act,

but a habit.


In 30 days, become mindful and aware of your body and how you use it and how it works best. As a result, you feel good in your own skin right now. In this book I don’t claim to help you lose weight or lower your cholesterol or decrease your blood pressure or any other medical magic. You do need to be careful about what you eat and how much you exercise for those things to happen. However, maybe those things will be great side effects that come over time. I think that as you learn to be mindful about how you eat and exercise and start a simple meditation practice to listen to yourself, you will start to hear your body tell you what it wants to eat and how it wants to move. Then, just maybe, you will reach your body’s ideal weight and score better on the medical tests. 

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A Commitment to Muchness

30 Days of Muchness is a commitment to yourself, your health, your wellness, and ultimately a deeper appreciation and expression of your life. Improve your relationship with food, learn to love your body as it is, and listen to your true self through mindfulness habits that nourish the MUCHNESS that lives inside you. 

30 Days of Mentorship

Mosey through this 30 Day Program to a more mindful life. TeriLeigh will hold you accountable to the 30 Day Process.  


Each session, TL gives you one tiny and easy change to your daily life and routine in terms of exercise, eating, and/or meditation.