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3-Day FREE 
Chakra Intensive

with TeriLeigh

Learn a new and realistic approach to the chakras that just makes sense.

November 28-30, 2022 7:00pm-8:30pm CST 

Does This Sound Like You?


Are you a Yoga Teacher, Energy Healer, or Light Worker
and you wish you had a simple way to explain the chakras to your clients?


Are you an Empath or HSP and you've heard that
chakra balancing could help manage your sensitivities?


Are you fascinated and curious about the chakras,
and find the information out there overwhelming or too "woo-woo"?


You know that Chakra Alignment could help you

Trust Yourself & Listen To Your Intuition

Balance Your Moods, Emotions, & Sensitivities

Help You Feel More Spiritually Connected


You want to learn 

in simple, doable, sustainable ways that integrate into your everyday life.


This 3-Day Intensive Workshop is for YOU!!

Here's What You'll Learn and Experience

I've been reading chakras since 1985.

I promise, this is a perspective and approach you've never encountered from any chakra teacher before.

I invented The MOZI Method of body-mind-spirit integration based on over a decade of study of anatomy, physiology, chakra energetics, yoga, meditation, shamanism, linguistics, and brain research. 

short hair headshot.jpg
  • Master’s in Teaching/Education

  • Bachelor's in Literary Studies

  • Bachelor's Creative Writing

  • Certified Yoga Instructor

  • Yoga Teacher Trainer (Chakras)

  • Reiki Master

  • Chakra Expert

  • Initiated Shaman Elder 

  • Published Author

  • Linguistics Nerd

  • Neuroscience Geek

20+ years of teaching/coaching 

I'm TeriLeigh, Your Chakras Coach and Sacred Mentor

Register Now

Monday, November 28 

Tuesday, November 29 

Wednesday, November 30

All classes are 8pm EST - 5pm PST

*replay will be available December 1

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