“Being human, I am a work in progress.” ~TeriLeigh


  • Master of Arts in Teaching
  • Bachelor of Arts in Writing & Literature
  • 20+ Years Teaching Experience
  • 20,000+ Direct Teaching Hours
  • 200,000+ Students
  • Top 40 iTunes Yoga Podcast in Alternative Health
  • Author, Speaker, Teacher

I believe in writing in ink, crossing out, and making a mess. Because, the mess is the fun. And, starting over on a fresh clean sheet of paper is called for from time to time. My day is not complete without a good stretch, a hug that lasts more than ten seconds, an AHA moment scribbled in a worn journal, and some puppy snuggles. I laugh when something in my thoughts tickles me on the inside. When I cry, I don’t bother to wipe away the tears. On a really good day, I cry until I laugh, so that I remember I’m fully ALIVE.

“The more I learn, the more I realize how much I don’t know.”  ~Einstein

garrett headshot 2I have learned that the greatest teachers in life aren’t necessarily professors and academics, but my own students. I have worked with students in public school grades K-12, illiterate adults, children with autism, at-risk teens, yoga enthusiasts, spiritual seekers, individuals with chronic health issues, and many random strangers willing to share a story over a cup of coffee. My journals contain scratchings and scribblings on my observations and personal experiences with body mechanics, mental health, personal growth, anatomy & physiology, spiritual development, neuroplasticity, brain training, psychology, literature, storytelling and more. 

“If anything is sacred, the human body is sacred.” ~Walt Whitman

After nearly two decades I learned how to appreciate my body as the sacred vessel that gets me through life. I have endured chronic low back pain from scoliosis, which straightened after years of yoga practice. I spent my twenties treating clinical depression tendencies with excessive exercise and experimental diets from vegetarianism to veganism and even raw foodism. After being a pedestrian hit by a car, I discovered a severe allergy to prescription pain killers and turned to yoga breathing and meditation to address pain.  At forty years old, I finally learned to listen to my body and settled into a healthy “less is more” approach to exercise, and “eat what the body craves” approach to nutrition. More importantly, I learned how to love my body as sacred.

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