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    TeriLeigh has certified over 100 instructors nationwide.

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    "This class exceeded all my expectations! It was incredible, and will greatly impact my life!"

    "I could have stayed a listened to TeriLeigh all day long. She is an exceptional presenter."

    "If a rainbow had a feeling it would be the way Teri Leigh can make you feel in her class."
  • You are filled with a wealth of information gathered in your brain from years of experiences walking this planet. Coded in your DNA is generations of the collective wisdoms of your ancestors just waiting to be unlocked. Classes with TeriLeigh help you to dig inside yourself and pull out the truths you already know from deep inside your soul. TeriLeigh is available to teach classes in your community. 



    Do you have the smartphone slouch, a scoliosis curve, low back crunch, or the beginning of the old person hunchback? As a result you feel chronic pain? TeriLeigh’s Healthy Posture Classes teach you simple tricks to reverse years of bad habits and train your brain to tell your body to stay aligned. 


    Do you have a drunk monkey hikjacking your thoughts while a pessimistic gremlin fogs your brain? TeriLeigh’s Mozi Method Classes teach you how to combine simple body actions and positive affirmations.  These mindful intentions produce happy hormones that make you THINK and FEEL better.  


    Do you feel like your energy is always off and you can’t explain why? As a result your moods and energies seem to be affected by the tiniest disruption around you? TeriLeigh’s Goldilocks Principle Classes teach the esoteric wisdom of the chakras in common sense practical terms.


    Do emotional wounds of grief and loss and hurt and fear cause you to hesitate when moving forward? TeriLeigh’s Gift Inside the Wound Classes use the power of story to heal. Learn to reframe your pain into power, transform your trauma into triumph, and wash your wounds with wisdom.


    Do you want a completely unique approach to practice? Steeped in precise alignment, TeriLeigh’s Yoga Classes thread spiritual wisdom into every action. Take an adventure in Yoga Down the Rabbit Hole through her podcasts, online courses, or at a studio near you


    to teach a class of present in your community.

    to teach a class in your community.


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