SPIRIT Chakras

spirit-button-squareDo you feel like your energy isn’t just right?

Perhaps your chakras spin just a tad off kilter, left of center, askew, or crooked from the midline? Your SPIRIT feels blah, or worse, UGH.  Learn to adjust everything to the JUST RIGHT  perfect balance with our Chakra Classes or Chakra Balance Coaching.

The Goldilocks Principle

The Goldilocks Principle is the concept of JUST RIGHT. For example, a Goldilocks Planet is just the right distance from the sun to sustain life. A Goldilocks budget is the just right amount of spending and saving to keep the economy healthy. In the human chakra system, the Goldilocks Principle is when your chakras are able to balance themselves and find the JUST RIGHT state for any given circumstance.



Every single day, thousands of times a day, your chakras must go through a process of adjusting to find the JUST RIGHT setting to deal with what is happening in front of you RIGHT NOW. For example, if you feel bullied, your core chakra may need to kick into gear to defend yourself. Then, your heart chakra needs to decrease so you don’t make yourself vulnerable out of compassion for your aggressor. More often than not, circumstances in life come up when you don’t have time to apply essential oils or go through a full chakra visualization and meditation. Your chakras need to be practiced and exercised, like muscles, to be able to adapt and calibrate themselves in the moment. They need to know how to find their just right for RIGHT NOW.


The Goldilocks Principle


The Goldilocks Principle is TeriLeigh’s book that teaches the practice of balancing your chakras yourself.

Learn the state of your own chakras. Discover how to adapt to support yourself through the ups and downs of your life. TeriLeigh has been reading auras and chakras since she was ten years old. If she balances your chakras for you with energy healing, in time, they will just go revert back to old habits. As a result, you become dependent and even addicted to energy healing. Instead, TeriLeigh provides you simple and practical prescriptions that you can do to exercise and “balance” your chakras yourself.

Take one of our Chakra Classes or book a series of Chakra Balance Coaching sessions now to learn how to exercise and balance your chakras yourself! 



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