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    "TeriLeigh spoke plainly so you could understand even the most complicated information about the body, mind, and spirit. She was also repetitive in her approach, making sure students understand."

    "WOW! Still in a state of WOW. This course was a huge eye-opener which connected the dots. Absolutely loved the course!"

    "Five Stars! Fabulously explained in a way that makes sense."
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    The Science of Body-Mind-Spirit

    We hear the catch-phrase “body-mind-spirit” everywhere. Do we REALLY understand what it means on a practical every day level? More often than not, these terms evoke a sense of spirituality and esoteric wisdoms that make you feel like your head is floating up in the clouds. Many people shy away from yoga and other forms of alternative healing simply because the concept of body-mind-spirit seems too “woo woo.” Learn about and understand

    Body-Mind-Spirit in simple and practical terms by going back to basic grade-school science class and remembering about the body’s basic functions.




    Focused Breathing

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    Learn HOW to take the most effective deep breath, and make it an automatic habit in your every day life. You will walk away from this class not only knowing HOW to breathe, but WHY breathing well is so important, and WHAT you can do to make better breath your automatic and normal breath.


    Coming Soon

    Letting Go

    Learn simple body-mind exercises in neuroscience to train your brain to tell your muscles to release. Teach your body to tell your brain to send calming “let go” hormones through your body. Make yourself FEEL like LETTING GO. Through consistent repetition of 10-second exercises you will consciously, naturally, and automatically LET GO of what no longer serves you.


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