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What Monkeys are Manipulating Your Mind?

Have you misplaced your mind, your matters, your mental mastery? Do you feel like you’ve lost your magic, your muster, your…muchness?  Sometimes the stresses of life make the monkeys in your mind chatter a chaos of confusion and you forget how to think and feel and…well…just BE. Find relief NOW with our Body Healthy Posture Classes or Body Posture Coaching.


Stress Steals Muchness

Muchness is one’s most natural state of brilliance, radiance, beauty, strength, confidence and authentic greatness. However, in this ever-changing and chaotic world, it is easy to forget the precious gem that is inside you. People, circumstances, challenges, limitations, and frustrations are constantly trying to make you be something that you aren’t. Sadly, in this world, it’s so easy to lose your muchness.



Have bad habits taken over your life? 

Stress, especially intense stress, makes us want to make it go away, FAST. We often reach to bad habits to soothe stress. Do you stress eat, smoke or binge watch tv, or do something else sinful and then feel guilty because you let these things steal your muchness more? Do you need to un-train bad habits and replace them with new healthy ones? It’s easier than you think. Just trigger something happy in your hormones instead of what’s bad. Pay Attention! Mindfulness Matters.


Remember Your Muchness

Everything, absolutely every single thing about you is perfect. The decisions you make, the body you wear, the mis-steps you take, the beauty you shine, the scars you bear, the successes you live, the wounds you endure, the good deeds you offer, the messes you create, and the character you express are all PERFECT. The Mozi Method is a simple 3-second mindfulness technique that helps you pay attention. Dump old nasty habits into the deep recesses of your mind. Then, you get to remember that muchness is always inside you.  

Take one of our MOZI Method Classes or book a series of Mind Intention Coaching sessions now to learn how to Remember Your Muchness! 



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