HEART Healing

heart-button-squareDoes Your Heart Hurt?

Have you suffered an emotional trauma? Have you endured an immense loss? Do you wonder why the world has wounded you time and again? Do words like anxiety, depression, tragedy, chaos, brokenness, and trauma swim in your soul like piranhas looking for food? Find the gifts inside your wounds with Heart Healing Classes or Heart Healing Coaching


The Gift Inside the Wound


Life is full of ups and downs. Often the downs overshadow the ups so much you can’t remember how to find the light beyond the dark.While we cannot necessarily change the bad stuff that happens, we can change how we think and feel about it. When we find a way to see sunshine through the storm, to find a plus in the minus, to flip a positive from the negative, we give ourselves a precious present. That present is the growth we experience through the process of healing. However, getting stuck in the negative is easier than focusing on the positive. The way out is to be vigilant in being positive. Easier said than done, or is it?



Healing the Emotional Wound

When you wound your physical body, it immediately begins the work to heal itself. Healing is often uncomfortable, sometimes even painful. In order to heal, you must FEEL. The result, however, is nothing short of magical and magnificent. Your cut skin and broken bone end up stronger than they were in the first place!

If you focus on the good stuff while you face the pain of healing, you rebuild stronger and wiser. That is the gift inside the wound!

By digging into my own emotional wounds, I learned a revolutionary new way of healing them from the inside out. I linked my body posture to my mindful intentions. For each trauma and tragedy, I developed a simple and specific body-mind exercise.



My Special Gift Is Also My Curse

The way I have learned to heal my emotional wounds is to FEEL them completely as they heal and contemplate how I am stronger and wiser as a result. In my memoir The Gift Inside the Wound, I share with you stories of some of the biggest aches and pains of my life’s traumas and tragedies. I show you how I dug into the brokenness and excavated the precious gems. I first find something, anything positive to focus on, then Spit shining them to perfection, I share their brilliance with you through my stories. I show you how I find the diamonds in my despair and flip my frustrations in fabulousness.







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