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  • Policies

    Payment is due at the time of booking.

    24 Hours notice of cancellation is required.

    Any no-shows and late cancellations will be charged.

    All consults are conducted via telephone unless otherwise arranged. TeriLeigh will call you at the number you provide during booking.

  • Pricing

    $50 for 30 minutes
    $100 for 60 minutes

    30 minute sessions
    $75 single session
    $300 6-pack ($50 each)

    60 minute sessions
    $150 single session
    $600 6-pack ($100 each)

    $50 for 30 min
    $100 for 60 min

    public school teachers
    military veterans
    full-time students

    repeat clients who have
    completed 6-session-series

  • Testimonials

    “I hadn’t realized that I had built an impenetrable wall around my heart. The combination of Body-Mind-Spirit came together to expose a most welcome acceptance of vulnerability. TeriLeigh made me ready to share my heart.”

    "I went through some major life changes in a very short time- which left me feeling like my legs were swept out from under me. I love TeriLeigh- she’s helping me put all the colors back into my life!"
  • In a one-one-one coaching session with TeriLeigh, you will briefly tell your story. I will probe you with questions to see the underlying issues contributing to your challenges. I then offer you explanations, a brief lesson, and a prescription based on your particular situation. You will walk away with simple homework assignment or prescription. Take with you a plan of action for long term success.



    Do you have a physical ache, pain, owie, or boo-boo such as a chronic pain or old injury that never quite heals? Learn to avoid causing further damage and help your body heal itself with posture and mechanics training. Body Posture & Mechanics Coaching with TeriLeigh trains your brain to make good posture an automatic habit.


    Do you have stinkin’ thinkin’, monkey mind, or brain fog? Learn to attach mindfulness to body movement. Send positive affirmations and happy hormones into your entire body. Mind Intention Coaching with TeriLeigh using The Mozi Method clears your mind and focuses your brain to make you think AND feel better instantly.



    Do you feel stuck, blocked, energy drained or motivation clogged? Learn the state of your chakras and practical exercises. Attune, calibrate, and balance them yourself. Spirit Chakras Coaching with TeriLeigh teaches you to balance your chakras yourself.



    Do you have traumas and tragedies in your past that haunt you? Learn to reframe your challenges into lessons and transform traumas into triumph with simple spiritual prescriptions.Heart Healing Coaching helps you find the gifts and heal the wounds in your life.



    Do you have challenges with specific yoga postures or movements? Learn to find comfort and ease in every singe pose. Receive a personalized 15-30 minute practice to use as a conscious healing practice for your life’s issues and challenges. Yoga Practice Coaching with TeriLeigh is more than a one-on-one yoga class. It helps you develop a lifelong personal yoga practice.




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