BODY Posture


What Body Parts are Talking to You?

Do you cope with an old sports or accident injury? a bum knee? a bad back? Do you carry your stress in your neck and shoulders? Do you have hips so tight that they restrict your ability to move? Find relief NOW with our Body Healthy Posture Classes or Body Posture Coaching.



Aches, Pains, Owies & Boo-Boos

The daily patterns you have developed could be causing further tightness, tension, and stress on your body. Years of favoring a bad ankle or simple walking posture could cause strain in other parts of your body that seems completely unrelated. Overuse and abuse can make your body sluggish and temperamental.

Healthy Posture Habits Can Make a BIG Difference

You may be making your arms and shoulders do what your legs and bum should be doing. As a result, the smaller muscles of your arms may feel worn out and tired from the extra work. Your tight hips or low back pain might be from the direction you point your feet. A simple adjustment can drop pain levels to zero almost instantly! Or, your overall sense of weakness may just be a misunderstanding of how to use your muscles together as a team. One shift in body posture can access strength and power you didn’t know you had. 

Healthy Posture Heals!

We all know that poor posture is BAD, but no one every taught us or told us the finer points of healthy posture when we were young. As a result, sitting up straight can also cause strain and pain, because you aren’t doing it RIGHT. From very young we have been conditioned to unhealthy posture habits. In addition, the devices and tools we use to support our posture, such as ergonomic chairs and orthotic shoe inserts could be teaching our muscles to be lazy instead of helping us to develop good posture habits. 

Peruse our Healthy Posture Classes or consider a course of Body Mechanics Coaching Sessions so you can learn healthy posture and train your brain to make good posture and body mechanics automatic.


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